Sound of Bashir oud 2017 - Omar Bashir
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Bashir Oud Professional (BEST SELLER OUD !!)

Handmade Authentic Bashir concert Oud

We use two types of wood for floating bridge oud, (Walnut or Indian Rosewood back).

Omar Bashir 1974 model
Length of neck: 19,5 cm
Length of body: 49,5 cm
Width of body: 37,5 cm

String length: 58,5 cm
Depth: 18,5 cm

Wood used:
Back: Walnut or Indian Rosewood. AA,AAA+
Top: Spruce AA , AAA+ and Master quality
Pegs: Rosewood

The original Bashir oud tuning is: C,D,G,C,F,F

We are using our new Bashiri string set

made by the German company Lenzner for Bashir ouds. 

Price starts from 1850 Euro


We use the finest quality wood to build our oud, the top is from spruce wood,and they are at list 20 years old .Regarding back ,they are from indian rose, or from walnut wood.

The image is only a sample, we my use other kind of woods !.

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